Neuro Sales 

Are you an entrepreneur? A business owner? A manager? 

Do you want to improve your commercial performance and / or the results of your teams?
Make it EASY NOW – through this innovative training.

YES you benefit from a competitive advantage in your sales.
The neuroscience is there to help you!



And YES, we are learning while having fun.

Because when we love what we do, it becomes a nice game.
Because when we play in the game, it’s easy to learn.
Making sales is easy – just like a game

If you have not come into conflict – unintentionally; and are fully satisfied with your sales, then this training is NOT for you.

For all those who want to upgrade themselves and learn more through play, we have prepared a clever solution:


Regardless of the level you start with or the size of your business – the results are guaranteed. An interesting, fun, useful, practical, dynamic and effective training – appropriate for any leader, owner, team manager, or advanced person who works on himself to grow. Practical skills you will be using right away.


  • 7Ps® MODEL & NLP

  • Program developed by Neuro Sales Training Institute: 

  • Nihil sine labore – Nothing works without difficulty.

  • Oculos habebat et not videbat – To have eyes and not to see.

  • Qualis vir, talis et oratio – Like a man, so does his speech (Seneca).

  • Non annumero verba sed appendere – Words should not be numbered but weighted.

  • O sancta simplicitas! – Oh, holy simplicity! (Jan Hus).

  • Serva me, servando te – Help me and I’ll help you.

  • Non omne quod nitet aurum est – Not everything that shines is gold.

  • Noli noser – Do no harm.

  • Nemine contradicente – Unanimously.

  • Pacta clara boni amici – With good accounts good friends.

  • Perpetuum mobile – Eternal movement.

  • Nunc plaudite – Applause now.

Radosveta Giuleva

Radosveta Giuleva

Psychologist, philologist, Certified NLP Trainer (Neuro Linguistic Programming), NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner; NLP Coach - Time Line Transformations; Aromatherapist. Certified Mentor, Motivator, Sales Coach. Radost puts creativity and heart into the development of any training, something that you will hear from its students; and you will see, and feel, when you work for yourself, with her.

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