The Prelude Suite, a 5X5 Teams product, is a team trust accelerator for both colocated and virtual teams of any size.

Adding Prelude to the beginning of a project adds a few hours to your timelines, but will act as a catalyst towards developing trust. This ultimately leads towards significant increases in team performance.

There are 3 modules available within the Prelude Suite. Collectively, these modules move your team from a “Me” to “We” mindset. Your Prelude Facilitator will help you determine what modules are right for your team.

“Our staff found Prelude fun, engaging and stimulating. Prelude is a trust accelerator. It revealed assets in some of our team previously hidden.”

Prelude is an interactive online platform for different teams that accelerates trust:

  • Teams are guided step by step by a trained facilitator.
  • Any number of individuals and teams can play.
  • Several sequential activity modules, synchronous and asynchronous.
  • Combines psychometrics and creative process.
  • Scheduled to suit team’s calendar. Each activity is 30 – 60 minutes dependent on team size. Total time 3-6 hours. May be played on any platform i.e. Lync, Hangouts, Skype, WebEx, etc.
  • Strengthened Emotional Intelligence
  • Improved Communication
  • Better Appreciation of Diverse Assets
  • More Effective Collaboration
  • Positive Team Mental Model
  • Increased Well Being

Module 1 iStar: This is an online self-assessment. Players generate a profile of strengths, capacities, and communication style in the form of an iStar Badge. The elements – air, fire, water, & earth – are used as metaphors.

  • Teams learn the 5 Basics of Teamwork™.
  • Self-assessment of individual and team strengths.
  • Team members instantly understand inventory of team strengths for gaps and balance.
  • Teams align emotionally and cognitively.

Module 2 Practice: 

  • Accelerate team trust
  • Team members practice in a “safe space”
  • Practice 10 Soft Skills in one process.
  • Co-create digital symbol of Team Excellence.

Module 3 Bridge:

  • Teams develop a Team Alignment Plan.
  • Visually verify right person and right fit.
  • Matches soft skills to tasks.
  • Project planning & scheduling function.
  • Teams establish Team Charter.

How will Prelude help your team?

These exercises build trust by empowering teammates to express themselves positively and holistically. What’s implicit – what makes us tick – is vital to understand but difficult to explain.  This experience helps make the invisible visible in a fun engaging way. It helps align teammates around shared expectations of excellence and as a preventive against interpersonal conflict.

Do you want to try it?

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