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NLP Trainer, Practitioner and Master Practitioner

accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (USA); and the International NLP Association in the UK.

NLP Coach

transformations through NLP techniques and changes over the line of the time – Certified by the NLP International Association in UK.

Member of the American Hypnotherapy Board.

Certified Mentor, Motivator, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach.

Manager and Sales Coach

helped to increase the profits of leading European and Bulgarian companies.

Author of scripts for sale and poems.

Participation in projects for selection, training, development, evaluation, motivation and management of staff. Developing and managing a number of international projects in Belgium; Switzerland; France and the Netherlands

Over 100 trained sellers – in more than 250 in-house specialized training courses for ‘Sale Techniques’

‘Negotiation Skills’

‘How to defend/justify the Price’

‘Elements of Good Argumentation’

Recommendations from linkedin

Hrisimira Kirova

Appreciating talented German speaking Java and .Net IT specialists

I have worked with Radosveta in Euroccor. She was team leader and did great job. She has always given me a lot of tips how to improve my results. Great communicator and great partner to work with.

François-Xavier Bellot

Senior International Product Manager - Search and Match technologies at StepStone

I’ve worked as a client with Radosveta. I’ve always been pleased by her professionalism and punctuality. She was always attentive to my company’s business needs. Moreover, I was impressed by her understanding of my business complex processes.

Stéphane Masson

Customer Care Agent at Euroccor JSC Sodexo project

Radosveta have been a great team manager and knews perfectly how to manage a team.

Ivaylo Yovchev

Available Immediately : Worldwide

Radosveta is a capable and flexible manager, who knows what she wants and how to accomplish it. Her multifunctional approach is a result of a long professional experience and international cooperation with other executives.

Klaas-Jan Terwal

Live Bait for Fishing Ltd.

Radosveta Gyuleva was my manager at the Salesteam B2B and I found her consistently pleasant, hаrd working with dedication and a smile. With her hands-on mentality she is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She is not afraid to make radical decisions and I also learned from her honest feedback. Radosveta Gyuleva is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. Klaas-Jan Terwal

Recommendations from facebook

Yuliya Amirah Rizova

Thank you Radost for your consultation. I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone. It was pleasure working with you!

Savina Radneva

Very nice and helpful consultation!

Irena Georgieva

Hello! I had a consultation with Radost on the topic of Sales and I really learnt a lot of interesting and new things from her that I can apply. Thank you Radost.

Éva Karadocsev

Very good consultant with extensive personal experience and radiant woman! I recommend it to everyone with all my heart!

Vanya Sturm

Professional consultation with very useful marketing information. I can only recommend Radost. I was very pleased, changed a lot of things in my sales.
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