Learning from the nature

Sales? Coaching? Teaching methodology? The Neuroscience is here to help.

Learning form NATURE is easy. It`s just enough to change our focus of your attention.

Because the focus makes our magic happen – here and now.

You can travel in the science.

Alone or with friends.

You can continue to rediscover yourself and the world.

And just have fun.

Because when we love what we do, it becomes a nice game.
Because when we play in the game, it’s easy to learn.
Learning; making sales or changing the focus – everything is easy – just like a game

We all know that working with people is an unceasing challenge. Have you ever been in a situation where your interlocutor reacted negatively and you didn`t understand why? Or he/she refuses your offers/ideas?

Do you know that neuro science is the alphabet that will help you read the situations and thoughts of people better?

If you have not come into conflict – unintentionally; and are fully satisfied with your communication with yourself and others, then this training is NOT for you.

For all those who want to upgrade themselves and learn more through play, we have prepared a clever solution:


Regardless of the level you start with or the size of your business – the results are guaranteed. An interesting, fun, useful, practical, dynamic and effective training – appropriate for any leader, owner, team manager, or advanced person who works on himself to grow. Practical skills you will be using right away.


  • Models of reality
  • … inside us
  • We and others
  • Map and territory
  • Sensory sensitivity
  • The diversity needed
  • In the beginning was the word
  • Fear
  • Natural habitat
  • Calibration
  • Anchor
  • … On the way to the goal?
  • Hey, Captain …!
Radosveta Giuleva

Radosveta Giuleva

Psychologist, philologist, Certified NLP Trainer (Neuro Linguistic Programming), NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner; NLP Coach - Time Line Transformations; Aromatherapist. Certified Mentor, Motivator, Sales Coach. Radost puts creativity and heart into the development of any training, something that you will hear from its students; and you will see, and feel, when you work for yourself, with her.

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